Attractions in Kolobrzeg Poland and the surrounding area

A rapidly growing port town and the largest health spa on the Polish coast, Kolobrzeg has for a long time drawn native as well as foreign visitors. The sea and the 12 km long beach, the valuable historical monuments, clean air, large green areas and the choice of entertainment activities make Kolobrzeg a very popular holiday spot.

Thanks to its specific microclimate and natural curative products (therapeutic mud and brine) Kolobrzeg ranks among the favourite seaside health resorts in Poland

Kolobrzeg's annual calendar is loaded with events, the most popular being the Salt Market (a trade event much like the ancient Mariacki Market) and the twice yearly "Interfolk" international folklore meetings that have been held here since 1992. New on the attractions calendar is the 3 day Sunrise dance festival, which attracts over 50,000 party goers who dance the day and night away with the worlds top DJs'. From the town's seaport one can go on a boat trip to Bornholm and Ruggia Island, and visiting anglers are well catered for in this popular fishing area. It is also a great base for walking and cycling tours.

There really is something for everyone in Kolobrzeg.

The city of Kołobrzeg
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