What are cookies?

Cookie cookies - it is text information that is sent by the server and saved on the user's side, usually on the hard disk. Only the server that created the cookie can read the information contained therein thanks to the default parameters of the cookies. Cookies are most often used for probes, online stores, login modules, website statistics.


Cookies can contain different types of information about a person visiting a given website and its communication history with a specific website, or more precisely a server. Most often cookies are used to allow the server to generate a user-specific page. Thanks to this, it is possible to create personalized websites, enable logging in or shopping for online stores. Often cookies are also used to collect activity statistics on the site.

For what purpose we can use cookies?

  • we use cookies for reading and analyzing statistics, including Google AdWords as well as services such as Google Maps, FaceBook tools, or videos posted on the You Tube website
  • cookies can be used to ensure security, they can also be used to detect abuse within the site.
  • the content of the websites of the site can be adapted to the user's preferences thanks to cookies. Thanks to this, we can also optimize the use of websites
  • we maintain a website user session (after logging in) so that it does not have to re-enter the login and password on each subpage of the website
  • cookies allow you to avoid multiple presentations of the same questionnaire to the same user
  • in our website we also use cookies related to the so-called session. They are used for technical matters, such as logging in or navigation. This means that cookies are only kept when browsing the page while the browser is running. When you close the browser, cookies are deleted.

Saving cookies can be turned off in your browser settings. For more information, please check with the manufacturer of the browser you are using.
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